Songkran in Thailand is traditionally about washing away your sins and bad luck from the previous year and getting ready to renew yourself for the year ahead. Many Thai will go back to their family homes and eat, drink and play games with their elders. There are a number of rituals that will take place like washing each other and visiting temples..

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A: It’s not true that you need FICO scores of 800 or above to get the best deals. The best rates and terms typically are available once your scores are above 760 or so on the usual 300 to 850 FICO scale. Some lenders set the bar lower, to 740, 720 or even less.

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Increasingly we’re going to see the likes of retailers such as Walmart and Costco launching their own closed loop, in store gift cards enabled in a mobile app. Just like the immensely successful Starbucks App, these will be mini mobile wallets that work within specific stores. Whatever happens, there won’t be one clear winner, and the mobile network operators won’t be able to restrict use on their networks to just their wallet..

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