Now in its third year, the reading contest, aimed at primary and secondary school students, received an overwhelming response in the form of around 4,000 entries. As many as 200 schools from 31 different cities of Pakistan participated in the competition. The entries were received from three different levels:Level 1 (Classes 1 3), Level 2 (Classes 4 6), and Level 3 (Classes 7 9). The book reviews were first judged on the regional level and the finalists then competed at the national level. The 1st runners up of each level will be awarded a certificate and a gift voucher worth Rs15,000 by the OUP, and a tablet and gift hamper sponsored by Shan Foods. The 2nd runners up of each level will be awarded a certificate and a gift voucher worth Rs10,000 by the OUP and a gift hamper sponsored by Shan Foods..

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